Corporate Partnership

The SCUIO-IP’s Office of Professional Integration Assistance organizes days designed to facilitate and promote the successful integration of our students into the job market.

Thanks to these days, you can discover many profiles and the training offer at the University of Montpellier.

We are also planning to enrich our service offer with “job dating“; Business forums, which will enable us to meet both the integration expectations of new graduates and the direct and immediate needs of recruiters.

We would be delighted to collaborate with you on our various programs:

Our events are mainly based on exchanges and advice given by intermediary employment partners, but also by HR managers and recruitment officers from different companies.

If you wish to participate in the days of help for professional integration or for any question, please contact the SCUIO-IP.

Contact :

Cédric Bizaud – 04 34 43 32 44

Do you have any proposals for interventions? Contact us by email or by phone 04 34 43 32 44.