The online Employment Resource Guide contains more than 175 indexed practical information sheets:

You can access them from your ENT under the heading « professional insertion ».

Regularly updated, these sheets provide a good overview of the current situation of the economy, the job market and the needs (employment, training, career paths) closer to the territories for each of the professional sectors.

  • About forty professional sectors listed in thematic sheets
  • A choice of navigation from the “Guide to online employment resources” menu (search by keyword, by sector, or on all or part of the database)
  • Easy to find thanks to pictograms and an organization of the information by headings

The SCUIO-IP has set up a bibliography for students. Find here the different themes :

The cover letter and the CV

Professional networks

Recruitment interviews

International mobility

The professional project

Employment, professional insertion

Special Montpellier Metropolis and Occitania region

Internships/Jobs European Union and International

What is the professional future of the graduates of the University of Montpellier ?

Each year, OSIPE conducts surveys on the future of former students of Bachelor’s, Professional Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees, between 18 and 36 months after graduation. This time frame allows us to collect valuable information on this first phase of active life.

Characteristics of study trajectories and student life

Each year, a theme concerning student life at the University is the subject of a specific survey. Questioning the motivations for entering university, the choice of studies, their financing, the difficulties encountered, etc., allows us to better understand and support students.


To learn more about the results of OSIPE‘s surveys and productions

Contact :

Marthe KALIFA, Head of Department

Tél : 04 67 14 92 09


The Portfolio of Experiences and Competences (PEC) is a device to help build a project. It is a tool that takes into account all aspects of the student’s career (personal, professional, training, etc.).

Deployed since 2008 at the University of Montpellier, it allows students to reflect on their skills and build a coherent professional project. The PEC guides, whether they are teachers, external staff or SCUIO-IP staff, have all been trained in the PEC approach.

Each year, training or refresher sessions are offered to all staff wishing to be trained in the PEC approach. SCUIO-IP is also a support service for the components in the construction of their PEC module.

For more information, consult the PEC portal