Brand new ! Consult the SCUIO-IP’s practical information sheets :

Employment / internship :
– CV, cover letter, interview
– Work-study programs: specificities and procedures

Tools to help you find a job :
– Identifying your skills
– Organize your search
– Creating and maintaining a LinkedIn profile

Continuing your studies :
– CV, cover letter, interview to apply for a Master’s degree
– Parcoursup motivated project

Download these interactive sheets on ResUM


BAIP non-appointment hotlines

  • On appointment :

Monday, Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on the Triolet campus

Thursday morning from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Make an appointment with the information officers by email or by phone on 04 34 43 32 33 / 04 67 14 30 61

  • Without an appointment :

Every Thursday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Access the Employment Resource Guide online from your ENT :

heading « professional insertion »

More than 185 indexed practical information sheets : regularly updated, these sheets provide a good overview of the current situation of the economy, the job market and the needs (employment, training, career paths) as close as possible to the territories for each of the job sectors.

Companies directory, optimization of your search, job fairs and forums, key figures, professionals’ words   

Once on the website, remember to connect by clicking on LOGIN, choose “Université de Montpellier”, and fill in your ENT login details !


Objective 1st job program by APEC

Implemented by Apec, which objective is to help 50,000 young people to find employment by the summer of 2021, this program is deployed throughout the country, physically and virtually.

It is aimed at all graduates of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees looking for an opportunity: internship, work-study, first job.


Through this link, candidates can access all Apec services with a simple click:

  •     register for the “Objective 1st job” workshop in the Apec center of their choice (4 hours in an Apec center, respecting the sanitary procedures), or for the online workshop (2 hours by video)
  •     Access to more than 35,000 “entry-level” job offers on our job board (including work-study and internship opportunities)
  •     create their profile to make themselves visible to recruiters, apply for jobs and receive targeted information from Apec
  •     access Apec’s job descriptions and tools such as the interview simulator, the “What job with my diploma? module, studies from our observatory on the executive job market, etc.
  •     benefit from the expert advice of Apec consultants
  •     Participate in other workshops and/or make an appointment with an Apec consultant for an individual consulting meeting…

What is the BAIP ?

To help each student build his or her professional project and successfully enter the workforce, the Office of Professional Integration Assistance (BAIP) sets up multiple actions.

Our missions

To support and prepare students and young graduates for their professional integration.

  • The BAIP organizes several events in collaboration with the faculties, schools and institutes and the main employment players.
  • Each year, it offers programs to help course directors set up and finance actions to help their students find employment.
  • The BAIP also welcomes students for individual interviews and thematic group workshops to support them in their search for internships and jobs throughout the year.
  • The BAIP administers the RESUM platform, the Professional Network of the University of Montpellier, which is the network of the former students of the University of Montpellier and which allows the management of internship and job offers for each course.