“How to build a solid professional project in a world of uncertainties”

January 27, 2022 at 5:30 pm

Moderated by Pierre Alzingre, start-up and entrepreneurship specialist, and Sonia Braun, chartered accountant.

How to live serenely your studies in an uncertain world? Where each month is different from the previous one, taking away or adding a little more freedom?

It’s not easy in 2022 to project yourself into uncertainty, even though it can be a driving force, offering more opportunities every day.

In one and a half hours, Sonia Braun and Pierre Alzingre, who accompany ambitious and committed entrepreneurs on a daily basis, will give you the keys to strengthen your skills in order to take full advantage of these complicated moments when everyone can really make a clear path.


We propose you to reflect together during a conference, animated by Pierre Alzingre, marketing expert and Sonia Braun, chartered accountant, which will have for theme: “How to build a solid professional project in a world of uncertainties”.

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«Linkedin pour gagner en visibilité, en crédibilité et booster sa carrière»

Animée par Aurélie Agulhon, spécialiste en stratégie commerciale à l’ère du digitale.

Une conférence pour comprendre l’intérêt du plus grand réseau social professionnel pour développer sa carrière. Aurélie Agulhon transmet les codes et les bonnes pratiques ainsi que ses conseils pour travailler son personal branding, sa notoriété et son réseau.

Actualité :

Compte tenu de la fermeture de l’établissement en raison du Covid-19, la conférence “Linkedin” est annulée.
Nous restons joignables par mail : scuioip-baip@umontpellier.fr.

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These meetings organized in the second half of the year by the SCUIO-IP, offer students the opportunity to attend interactive conferences on various themes related to professional integration. Thus specialists will come to deal with subjects such as entrepreneurship, networks, communication techniques or even the recruitment interview.