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Workshop objectives : 

To guide you through the different steps of an internship and/or job search

To give you tools to make this search as efficient as possible and to promote a professional integration in line with your aspirations and the constraints of the job market

Objectives of the workshop :

To guide you methodologically through the different stages of designing your CV for an internship and/or job application, both in terms of content and form

Workshop objectives :

Advise and guide you on the personalized formatting of your CV using Powerpoint and/or Word.

Prerequisite :

To have participated in the workshop “DESIGNING A CV”.

Objectives of the workshop :

To guide you methodologically through the different stages of writing your cover letter for your application for an internship and/or a job, both in terms of content and form

Workshop objectives :

An English consultant will guide you methodologically in writing a CV and a cover letter in English, for an application for an internship and/or a job in an Anglo-Saxon country, both in terms of content and form.

Objectives of the workshop :

To allow you to appropriate the notion of skill in its entirety to reach your professional objective

Identify your own skills throughout your career in order to select them in a relevant relevant way to a targeted internship/job application

Objectives of the workshop :

To guide you methodologically through the different stages of preparing for a job interview as well as on the posture that will help you succeed in the interview

To help you answer the most common questions without being destabilized

Workshop Objectives :

To help you create an attractive and effective profile on LINKEDIN, in order to facilitate your entry into the job market

Additional session :

For participants in this workshop: a second session will be offered to give you tools to optimize the creation and/or the expansion of your professional network, to do information monitoring and increase your hiring potential through this network

Objectives of the workshop :

Allow you to understand and appropriate the notion of “entrepreneurial spirit »

Through practical activities, identify the posture required and the elements of your personality to initiate this entrepreneurial approach

Get to know possible interlocutors and their contacts to answer your questions and/or accompany you in this process

Objectives of the workshop :

To allow you to identify the main obstacles related to disability in your search for an internship or a job, to help you activate the levers to overcome them

To guide you in how and when to address this issue with the recruiter

Allow you to better understand your rights related to this situation of disability

Objectives of the workshop :

After a long academic career, entering the job market can sometimes be confusing for PhD students. The objective of this workshop is to identify the difficulties of professional integration specific to doctoral students, real or felt, in order to be able to bypass them in an effective job search.

While the academic research sector and the “classic” job market are addressed during the workshop, the focus is more on the latter, with a particular emphasis on identifying potential employers and communicating with recruiters through the CV.

Objectives of the workshop :

To present the specificities of work-study programs.

To give you advice on how to formalize your written application tools in order to apply to work-study opportunities and get your contract.

For your further studies (and in particular for your application for a master’s degree), 3 workshops are offered to you :

Designing a CV to apply for a Master’s degree or other studies

Writing a cover letter for an application to a master’s program or other study program

Preparing a motivation interview

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Contact :

Barbara Strauss, career service manager

Adeline Orssaud, career service manager